Thursday, March 30, 2017

Walker's gas tax veto threat is all about the '18 election

[Updated at 3:30 p.m. with Walker campaign news

When right-wing WI Gov. Scott Walker tweeted this threat last night Trump-style:
Let's be clear. I don't support spending less on K-12 education than what's in my budget and I will veto a gas tax increase.
it had less to do with his budget and everything to do with his 2018 election bid during which he will cling to his hard-right, Grover Norquist-inspired 'no tax increases, ever' talking point pledge - - though let's not forget Walker has already violated it, according to the Journal Sentinel and non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau:
But what about his 2011-"13 budget?
It included some tax cuts, but also tax increases.
That"s according to the nonpartisan state Legislative Fiscal Bureau, which both parties have long cited as a neutral scorekeeper on budget matters.
The bureau determined that Walker included three tax increases in the budget totaling $49.4 million over the two-year period.
In other words, Walker's self-serving campaign needs outweigh fixing Wisconsin's horribly-decrepit roads, ranked second-worst nationally. 

And if you needed any more proof that Walker's moves are guided by his perpetual campaign schedule, he told his donors today 'I'm ready.'


Raven said...

Walker's thinking of running again? Funny guy! But the joke wouldn't necessarily be on him, would it?

my5cents said...

Everything he is currently doing is with the 2018 election in mind. Giving money back to the schools, holding the line on an increase in gas taxes, and fudging the budget to make it look as if we have a surplus instead of a deficit, just for a few. Some will buy it, but I hope this time around enough have learned and seen how much he has destroyed that makes Wisconsin Wisconsin.