Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Walker's I/39-90 expansion is dead; this blog noted its costs

Walker is signaling that his bloated road-budget needs major surgery:
DOT scraps study of interstate expansion from Madison to Wisconsin Dells
As I wrote in 2011:
Where is all the money for all these road projects Walker wants
I‐39/90, Dane, Columbia and Sauk counties, US 12 (Madison Beltline) to Wisconsin Dells.
Also noted in this 2015 posting:
Data has been available for a long time exposing Wisconsin's lobbyist-driven plan to over-borrow-and-spend on wider highways the public doesn't want or need or can afford (think I-94 from Miller Park to the man-made mess known as the Zoo Interchange or the projected expansion of I-39/90 from Rockford to the Wisconsin Dells, for just two among many examples).
What took them so long to come to their senses?

And where's my consulting check? 

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Humanities_excite said...

Route 43 N out of Milwaukee is HORRIBLE! It's enough to make a visitor turn back, and never discover North East Wisconsin.