Thursday, March 2, 2017

WI GOP to drain water table and law of public protections

I've been writing for years about the Wisconsin GOP's plans to grab precious groundwater which belongs to all the people of the state for their big Ag friends and dairy donors.

But now the fight for water and thus life in Wisconsin on for real - - a power move enabled also by GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel who has turned his office into another, Walkerite corporate subsidiary - - in our one-party state through the introduction of special-interest legislation aimed to privatize our most basic birthright:
In a move that may pave the way for passage of a bill easing regulation of high-powered wells, Assembly members have dropped a provision that would have strengthened legal protections for public waters.  
By dropping a provision that would have expanded the legal rights of people harmed by industrial-grade water wells, sponsors of the bill introduced Wednesday have wiped away a sticking point that prevented a similar proposal from being enacted last year.
So everyone and everything downstream can drop dead, as with The Little Plover River fed by groundwater drained by high-volume wells for nearby farms:
River Alliance of Wisconsin photos

Dead Brookie

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