Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Walker's highway budget perjured by $550 million denial

Right-wing GOP WI Gov. and inveterate over-spender on highways Scott Walker found a novel way to sell a major Interstate highway project as a merely, already-bloated $1.2 billion project - - 

 - - just allow the state transportation department to omit from the budgeting an integral piece - - an entire interchange - - that will add to the price tag another $550 million:
The agency earlier told lawmakers the price had swollen to $1.2 billion but in February 2015 stopped including in its estimate the cost of rebuilding the interchange where I-39 connects with the Beltline that runs along Madison's south side.
The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau reported on Wednesday that that interchange would cost $550 million, bringing the total project cost to $1.75 billion.
Angry car buyer to sales manager:

Buyer: Hey, the bottom line on the contract says $42, 000. I thought you said the price was $30,000.

Sales manager: Oh, you wanted one with an engine?


Rappin MC said...

So how often did this happen during Walker's tenure on major highway expansion projects? Maybe that's why the cost overruns at the Department of Transportation were so steep.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

This makes a lot of sense, MC- Wanna fit a $700 mil project in a $400 mil budget? Just say it'll cost $400 mil and add other parts later! Problem solved!