Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Gov. Walker silence on bias, hate & crashing state image

From Scott Walker's Wreckhavocistan, there was this summary report three years ago:
The state of Wisconsin is home to “extreme racial disparity” compared to other states in economic opportunity, education and incarceration, says a new report by the Center on Wisconsin Strategy. 
“Wisconsin has the regrettable distinction of ranking among the worst states in the nation in terms of racial equality,” begins the report by COWS, a nonprofit think tank based at UW-Madison.
Ironically, depressingly, there was an ugly racist display in the football stadium on that same UW campus - - so mark it down to lessons not learned, nor taught effectively by our leaders.

Now we're learning about the beating death of a Saudi student at UW-Stout.

What is our out-of-state traveling Governor's plan for addressing these occurrences on his Wisconsin watch.

What is his plan to reverse these facts and trends, including an awful run of irrefutable data about African-American incarceration, and also here and here about poor academic performance by minority students in Wisconsin.

Is he the Governor - - the political and moral leader of the state - - with control of public spending and the UW Board of Regents, or is he just a placeholder and bystander who uses the state to which no one is moving or investing in when he needs a platform, state-provided mansion to sleep in 
and paycheck, then shows up on Twitter touting the school whose budget he slashed - - 
Big game tonight! Go Bucky!

- - or wearing Wisconsin and Green Bay Packers sweatshirts?


Anonymous said...

He is supporting Trump who is racist, sexist and homophobic so we must conclude that he is all of those things too. His silence is deafening. Nice article.

Anonymous said...

It's not Friday yet - he needs time to find someone to blame for his lack of action.