Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Yes, Wisconsin's Mitchell Park Domes are endangered...

The designation is important, but let's not forget that in Wisconsin, voting rights, groundwater purity, collective bargaining, livable wages, public lands, women's right to choose. safety on the highways, local government control, tax fairness, two-party governance, State Supreme Court neutrality, food stamp access, and clean air, to name but a few. are also endangered with partisan intent and the force of law - - while the Domes in Milwaukee can get off the list and saved with community will, funding shifted from the Estabrook dam fiasco, and help elsewhere:
A new designation may increase the chance that the popular Mitchell Park Domes will live to see another 50 years.

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Anonymous said...

Just be grateful you can go to the new Bucks arena (should you be able to afford tickets to a game that anyone cares about).

WTF?!?!? What other sport has a tiered ticket structure, essentially admitting that some games are "garbage time" and that fans do not nor should not care (but the seats are cheaper, right?

Horiculture, shmoriculture -- we need to take care of the billionaires and they, evidently, do not care about the domes. End. Of. Story.