Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WisDOT put out orange barrels to block voter ID applicants

Hacks working for New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie put orange cones in front of motorists to create confusion and congestion on a bridge, and DMV staffers in Scott Walker's similarly politicized Wisconsin Department of Transportation did the same thing to voters trapped in the state's unnecessary voter ID machinery.

Think about it. 

WisDOT routinely reroutes drivers via head-spinning lane changes and zipper merges with a J-turn or Texas U-turn thrown in to go west by first going east, then doubling back - - so why not send people seeking a voter ID all over the place while changing the process whimsically and creating the same kind of congesting, frustrating outcomes?

Is this a highway reconstruction schematic or a WisDOT guide to getting to a DMV office that is open on every third Tuesday morning for an hour - - or is Thursdays over the lunch hour? - - and which may or may not have the latest ID variation approved under Walker's imperial rule-making power?

BridgeGate and the Wisconsin voter ID fiasco were both the work of vindictive Republican partisans seeking personal and political advantage at the expense of citizens' free access to the system - - whether to highways in New Jersey or the electoral process in Wisconsin - - and both kinds of artificial detours are abuses of public resources and authority.


Mariann Anderson said...

Great analogy! However, I doubt we'll find the people to actually admit to this deliberate attempt to block voters! I'm still hoping to put Christie behind bars before he becomes our next Secretary of State! Hopefully, Trump won't win, but in this crazy election, anything can happen!

Man MKE said...

A worthy insight, which I hope will be brought to the attention of Judge Peterson.

Anonymous said...

They sure don't want those they walk over to have a voice or a vote in OUR government.

Anonymous said...

Silly rabbit. If you let the people you are dividing and marginalizing vote, you cannot divide-and-conquer. So just why does the media tell me these types of people are "patriots" anyhow?