Thursday, October 6, 2016

Walker forcing himself into Pres. campaign coverage

Though he flamed out early in the Presidential campaign and is underwater in home state polling, WI GOP Gov. and 2020 wannabe Scott Walker is taking his own minor-league persona and asterisk-level role as vanilla Mike Pence debate preparer and inflating it  into 'Donald Trump debate guru!'

Trump could care less about what Walker, but Walker has figured out a way to turn his irrelevancy into ephemeral limelight as bright as a birthday candle:

In the run-up to the vice presidential debate, Walker helped Pence prepare by playing the part of Kaine. 
Trump, whose uneven performance at the first presidential debate last week lost him points in crucial battleground states, made it clear that debate preparation was not his first priority. 
On Thursday, Walker urged Trump to rethink his strategy.
“That would be my strong suggestion,” he said. 


Anonymous said...

It may be the Walker camp that releases this crap, but it is a compliant and enabling media that makes it propaganda. They told us that Walker was preppin' tRump. This was trumpeted all across Wisconsin. Objective evidence shows tRump did not win that debate and it cost him support.

Now the talking point is that Walker prepped Pence, yeah, sure, whatever...

No one forced the media to insert Walker into the Presidential campaign as the guy that prepped Pence, who also appears to have lost the debate among persuadable voters (who are nearly non-existent at this point) An objective analysis of Walker's ability and skills to operate outside of a circle jerk of right wing media in Wisconsin demonstrates that Walker did not do anything that helped Pence prepare and be effective in that debate.

So what does the media do? The "forget" that they reported the same lies about Walker and tRump. They have flushed that down the memory hole, never to be breached again. It's old news, ya know. And Walker is such an all-powerful force in everything republican and working-class ya know (cue the Harley and break open some cheap garbage beer).

I agree that Walker is trying to position himself as the 2020 candidate. But please, can't you spare us the tale that the media had no choice but to repeat this propaganda?

Walker did not force the Wisconsin media to promote him as an "Eagle Scout" and "Son of a preacher man." No one forced the media to manufacture the 2014 "October Surprise" that Mary Burke (a very week candidate, but that is another story) had plagiarized blah blah blah and even been fired from Trek, her family's bicycle business.

Please let me remind you that plagiarism IS NOT using your own words and the consultant that was slandered this way had every write to use the same sentences he wrote when he believed they were effective and accurately described the situation. The lie that Burke was fired came from a disgruntled employee that was fired and this propaganda began in a koch media outlet, as sanitized as news by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the catapulted across the Badger State as news -- never cited back to its true source (was reported as Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports...)

The media is the problem and it isn't Walker that is responsible for the distribution of his lies, though I will admit, he is very good at telling the media what he wants them to carry as news.

Unknown said...

But he was so good during the primary debates , Geez.....

Sue said...

We'll know Trump is prepping with Walker when Trump starts to mention his Harley.

Anonymous said...

He's still trying to get a cabinet appointment if Trump get elected. Did anyone ever tell him that college dropouts don't get cabinet positions. Sec'y of labor with his track record as Gov??????

Jake formerly of the LP said...

What a complete maroon!

Although I will say that Pence did a good job copying Walker's penchant for not answering questions, deflecting, and giving dishonest answers with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:23

Did you ever stop to think that the reason Walker gets so much media coverage in Wisconsin is because he is such an important person. There isn't anything else or any issue that he doesn't define, understand, and dominate. He is that much of a powerhouse. It would be propaganda NOT to feature him in the news as everything noble, true, and exactly what he says.

I have been listening to WTMJ-AM and reading Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for longer than I bet you have been alive. Charlie Sykes, God Bless his soul, tells it like it is. The paper is against our Scott Walker. The endorsements year after year cover up that they are so anti-Walker.

God tells Scott Walker. There is a plan. When you haters turn your will over to The Lord and listen to Jesus, you too will understand that when Walker is in the news, it is because they can defy the Will of Our Lord. We should be holding hands, singing the Praise of Scott Walker just like the Bible says.

I can't explain why God told him to run for president this year though. He works in mysterious ways. Maybe Omnipresent Savior maybe did not enunciate the year 2016 clearly and Jesus meant to say 2020. That is not our business nor decision to make. The Son could have made an honest mistake like the camel and the eye of the needle. Or maybe it was the liberal media from 2000 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker did a fantastic job of preparing Pence. So good in fact, that Pence would be the Republican nominee 2020 should Hillary win. Great job Scott!

Anonymous said...

Lord I hope anonymous 10:47 is posting snark, but he forgot to add the /snark tag.

my5cents said...

Anon 6:47 AM -- I agree with your comment. Didn't know we had royalty for a governor, did you.