Thursday, October 6, 2016

Another reminder of political conscience deficit

As Donald Trump continues to inflict himself on the people, and many Republicans are embracing a number of alternatives to his unprincipled, reckless and downright dangerous Presidential candidacy, it's important to remember who is reckless and unprincipled enough to stand with him.

Update: Add Paul Ryan, too, as the threesome bring their ugly show to Elkhorn on Saturday.
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Anonymous said...

The street crew will be on hand to cleanse the city of the taint these clowns leave behind.

Anonymous said...

Paul "not a policy wonk/numbers guy" Ryan is sooooo excited. tRump will enact the agenda he could not sell on the Romney/Ryan ticket. And the best part is, Paulie didn't even have to barge into a soup kitchen after the meal was served and cleaned up, pull clean pots and pans off the wall, and then pretend to wash them.

I can't wait to hear what Ryan says in Elkorn, Scott Walker's stompin' groune and just down the road from where Robbin Voss and Reince Priebus became man-friends sharing a tiny tiny university dorm.