Monday, October 3, 2016

Tax 'genius' Trump, dark money Walker on same page

Donald Trump's braggadocio-laden conversion of $916 million claimed personal losses into two decades of wealth-building, and Scott Walker's secret routing of other billionaires' millions into a winning re-election campaign book-end a self-serving, self-dealing legal and financial system rigged to keep the wealthy rolling in dough and firmly in control.

How perfect is it that Trump was one of Walker's donors, and Walker is now standing with the discredited Trump - - showing both without principle except fealty to the almighty dollar.

And that it was just a few days ago that Walker wondered 'what kind of a system do we live in?' Well, question answered, in his favor.
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The only way to turn it around is to defeat Trump, Walker and the rest of the electoral beneficiaries at the ballot box..

I know, I know: easier said than done.

But we don't need any more evidence.

Or motivation.

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