Thursday, August 11, 2016

Why are media burying WI AG's serious pollution collusion?

The Wisconsin State Journal broke the story Monday, I advanced it, The Capital Times followed with a strong editorial today, but other than two out-state mentions - - in Rhinelander, here and on a Beaver Dam AM station two days ago, but the link is no longer up - - I see little-to-nothing in nearly all mainstream media statewide about the politicized demotion by GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel of Tom Dawson, his agency's lead, civil service environmental attorney.

Did I miss the coverage?

I know this was an election week, but come on.

This is a major development in state politics and another intentional, ideologically-driven Republican blow to the public trust and the quality of our shared environment - - especially with GOP-legislators'-induced-Schimel-endorsed Wisconsin groundwater giveaways, and oil pipeline construction looming statewide, well-water-contaminating-industrial-scale feedlots expanding in several counties - - look at their growing numbers on this map - - 

dust-and-mud-producing sand mine development exploding in Western Wisconsin with little oversight, the stripping away of local land use controls by an imperious state to facilitate corporate agriculture, and diminishing pollution inspections and general public-interest oversight across the board by Scott Walker's "chamber of commerce mentality," developer-managed Department of Natural Resources.

Schimel is following a national pattern of GOP and conservative Attorneys Generals converting their taxpayer-paid offices into right-wing, special-interest law firms.

Where's the broader media coverage?


Anonymous said...


Because the media created our divide-and-conquer governor in the first place! With out more than a dozen years of propaganda, he would not be in the Governor's mansion.

Walker could not align the national media to march in unison to his talking points. While Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was happy to oblige for years and still does, leading the pro-Walker media echo-chamber that blankets Wisconsin; the national media was not going to goose-step in choreographed unison to the absurdity of his self-proclaimed qualifications:

"I have a wife, 2 kids, and a Harley."

And giant walls along BOTH borders, Mexico & Canada?!?!?!?!

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

You can't make this crap up, well I should take that back -- Wisconsin's media makes up pro-Walker crap almost daily.

Anonymous said...

I think most people don't have a clue as to what the public intervenor was and they certainly don't care about reshuffling the bureaucrat deck.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:41

Yeah, you're not thinking well of most people at the moment.

So let's have a good-old '60s teach-in or two! One would coincide with the WI Book Fair in Madison and another could take place simultaneously at Northland College in Ashland or further downstream near Lac Courtes Oreilles or over by La Crosse.

Invite and support Anishiinabeg speakers like LCO's Chairman Mic Isham and those women who spoke from their hearts at the last Natural Resources Board meeting, and also Ho-Chunk, Oneida, Menominee and other tribal nations.

Hey, we need something effective, Progressive Badgers, or soon it'll be no roads,
no drinking water, no safe soil for organic farms, no clean Great Lakes near deer, just sh*t.

Will we the people then
be like the wolves and bears are now?

Being chased, trapped, shot is really struggling to survive as some people know. We could use more cultural diversity experience, like standing with BlackLivesMatter. Will we thrive together in the future divergent reality of what was once this land under the protection of the people (and more recently at one time also protected by the office of the Public Intervenor)?

-- Or will the Big Bad Wisconsin Dairy-err Association try to cull us, as they're doing to badger families in England, or maybe just keep culling our votes and undermining democracy here?