Thursday, August 18, 2016

Add Wisconsin, Milwaukee history to Ron Johnson's spotty education

Soon-to-be-one-term Wisconsin GOP US Senator and sunspots-addled Ron Johnson could only cough up right-wing orthodoxy about the federal guvmint being to blame for Milwaukee's problems.
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg

He missed a lot of Wisconsin and Milwaukee history growing up and going to school in Minnesota before running an Oshkosh plastics maker.

Here's a short reading list, sir:
State and regional governments keep Milwaukee, minorities isolated, part II
Some lesser known justice facts about Milwaukee & Wisconsin, part I 
Milwaukee segregation is regional 
Transit disconnections cost Milwaukeeans jobs 
Milwaukee's invisible racial cage  


Anonymous said...

Don't miss Ronnie saying today that he trusts Trump with the nuclear codes.

I'm wondering if Russ even has to try...Ronnie keeps shooting himself in the foot.

Anonymous said...

He was campaigning in Duluth Minnesota today so you can add Geography to the list of subjects he needs more education on.

my5cents said...

He also thinks colleges should be obsolete and everyone learn all they need to know from videos.

Anonymous said...