Monday, August 1, 2016

NY GOP Cong. Collins implies grieving statute of limitation

US Rep. Chris Collins, (R-NY), a Donald Trump surrogate and the first member of Congress to have endorsed Trump for President, seemed to have emphasized in an interview on MSBNC this afternoon that Capt. Humayun Kahn's combat death in Iraq took place in 2004.

Like there's a statute of limitations on grief that Capt. Kahn's parents have violated, or do not understand, and which helps get Trump off the hook for having attacked them?
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"
The gap between Capt. Kahn's 2004 death and today is irrelevant to their grief or to the basic insensitivity being shown to them by Donald Trump.

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my5cents said...

Some people grieve for their deceased children for the rest of their lives. Losing a child is losing part of yourself. The loss never goes away. Shame on people who think otherwise.