Monday, August 8, 2016

Irked by 'rust belt,' would WI business prefer Pollution Zone?

Wisconsin business leader and opinion-makers dislike the pejorative "rust belt" moniker for our part of the country - - and they're right, it's an inaccurate and outdated and flat-out negative term as I said a couple of years ago.

But if image is the issue, why aren't they complaining about the intentional rollback of water quality guarantees long in state law and legacy that Gov. Walker, Attorney General Schimel and DNR Secretary Stepp are coordinating on behalf of phosphorus dumpers, feedlot operators, manure sprayers and other corporate/donor special interests?
Why demand that "rust belt" be scrapped if Wisconsin is allowed to turn its local waterways and share of the Great Lakes into The Fecal Zone?

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Anonymous said...

Let's all hoist a warm steaming glass of manure run-off and have a toast to Scott Walker and his republican cohorts. Feces and urine is the type of pollution you can really enjoy!