Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The new red scare

Immigrants! The new bogeyman, declared Public Enemy #1 by the Republican red-headed megalomanic. Seen below with a supporter. Also - - I see the hand of Roger Ailes in that Mexican trip/photo op operation Wednesday.
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Anonymous said...

This photo caught GrifterGuv in mid wink with the orange man. Seeing him wink at me gives me the willies.

JB said...

Wisconsin's agriculture is dependent on immigrant labor, especially for ultra-large dairies and fruit and vegetable production. We similarly rely on immigrants in the meat-packing industry. Walker does not acknowledge (perhaps he doesn't understand) the cost of anti-immigrant policies on Wisconsin's economy. (Of course, he really doesn't care much about our state's economy, so asking for understanding is probably beside the point.

Anonymous said...

"Immigrant" workers are legally documented foreign nationals temporarily employed in seasonal occupations. That legal status has been used to fill needed labor workers for decades. What is addressed by Trump is the illegal border crossing immigrants who either are falsely documented or not documented and in both cases are here in violation of US immigration laws. They are not US citizens and take away employment opportunities for US citizens. There are many employable US citizens who can do the jobs now done by illegal immigrants but scum bag unethical employers pay below market wages and abuse foreign laborers willing to keep their mouth shut. That's unethical and immoral.

I get Trump"s plan. He hasn't said it yet, but I have to believe his plan will be to dry up employment opportunities for illegal immigrants by significant and severe consequences for the parasite employers profiting on illegal immigrant labor and working to make Mexico more successful financially to help it's citizens.