Friday, August 5, 2016

Wisconsin may avoid some dangerous oil pipeline expansion

Low crude oil prices and a FUBAR-filled record of spills, pollution and expensive clean-ups might end some of the pipeline plans that would put Wisconsin, its people and waters at risk, The Journal Sentinel reports - - even though the GOP-led State Legislature wedded to special interests voided local controls on dangerous pipeline expansions - - through a finely-lobbied, 11th-hour budget amendment, no less - - and Scott Walker's 'chamber of commerce' managed-DNR has signaled that the light for pipeline expansion is green and perpetually on.

Despite Wisconsin pipeline breaks and the disastrous and historically-expensive Kalamazoo River spill contamination just across Lake Michigan, with its lengthy and who-knows-how permanent cleanup:

Props to the grassroots groups like and other activists like Brave Wisconsin who are doing the true DNR's work for it, and on our behalf, by keeping catastrophe away from the Badger State.

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