Thursday, August 18, 2016

Walker slogan camouflages WI vote meddling

Everyone in Wisconsin sees right through Scott Walker's misleadingly and dishonest "easier to vote but harder to cheat" talking point.

The entire purpose of the voter photo ID law, state-mandated reduction of Motor Vehicles ID-issuing office hours, and additional measures to cut convenient early voting hours is to turn Wisconsin GOP red on election day by tamping down turnout in traditionally-Democratic cities and on college neighborhoods.

Voting fraud exists only in GOP partisan strategy, fueled by conspiratorial imagination and obvious projection.

I'm glad Walker keeps mouthing his dishonest talking point, given that a secret email system, publicly-paid staffers campaigning from his Milwaukee County Executive office suite, and the John Doe II investigative probe into his campaign financing and coordination which is still alive in the US Supreme Court are all on his permanent record.

He and that tag line were made for each other.

Especially after being publicly accused by a long-time Donald Trump confidante of having fixed "at least" five Wisconsin elections.

"At least" five?

Are Wisconsin Republicans using state power to nail down number six?
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Anonymous said...

Walker cannot even get his lie straight, failing to attribute his talking point:

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if the "strip and flip" technique described by Professor Fitrakis in the Roger Stone article alleging voting machine manipulation in Wisconsin wasn't responsible for Prosser winning his Supreme Court election when 7,000 ballots were found not to have been counted. It might explain how Walker won his elections in spite of Obama winning the state. Perhaps all the voter fraud that the Republicans claimed necessitated voter I D and restrictions on voting was in part a distracting action to keep the focus away from voting machine manipulation if not statewide at least in heavily Republican counties. Certainly gerrymandering nearly guarantied election victories but a $15.00 device to allow multiple voting put a lock on winning elections!

jg said...

And Walker stays true to form in giving a non-denial denial to reporters (as reported in the Cap Times), saying:

"Apparently that’s what the long-term effect is of legalizing marijuana in the District of Columbia"

Scott Walker is very disciplined about never saying anything that couldn't be wiggled out of in a court of law.

my5cents said...

Actually it is harder to vote and easier for them to cheat with the voter count. Ever notice how they always switch it around to their favor. I don't worry at all about people possibly going around to multiple polls and voting as other people (they don't), but I do worry a lot about how my vote is counted. There was some very funny monkey business in the vote count for the recall. The race was way closer before voting than what the vote count showed in the end. All news outlets called the race way too soon before everyone had even voted. No more of that. We can wait until the next day to find out. I won't kill anybody to wait.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

You noticed that too, eh? Also a dumb line because Roger Stone was punching hippies for Nicon when Scotty was in diapers.

I dont buy that the elections were rigged in Wisconsin for Walker, but he didn't exactly say "No" with that response, did he?