Monday, August 15, 2016

For bear hounds in 'training,' owners & wolves create extra-bloody weekend

I've been pointing this out all year, as I have done in the past

Wisconsin bear hunters are allowed to 'train' their dogs by running them through known wolf activity areas, and the result is five more dead dogs on top of another 13 over the last few months. 
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
The state encourages this bear hunt training practice by paying hounders up to $2,500 for any dog depredated by wolves. Here's the latest from the WI DNR:
Bear Hounds killed in Bayfield and Florence Counties
Over the weekend, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated the following bear hounds: 
- A 3-year-old Walker hound killed on 8/12/16 in the Township of Drummond, Bayfield Co. 
- A 4-year-old Walker hound killed on 8/13/16 in the Township of Drummond, Bayfield Co. 
- A 2½-year-old Black and Tan hound and a 2½-year-old Bluetick hound killed on 8/13/16 in the Township of Drummond, Bayfield Co. 
- A 4-year-old Plott hound killed on 8/13/16 in the Town of Tipler, Florence Co. 
More information and caution-area maps are available on the gray wolf webpage.
Are humans the dogs' best friends? 


my5cents said...

So where are the PETA protesters regarding this animal abuse for profit?

Tess said...

Six hounds were killed between August 6th and August 13th in Bayfield County. That seems pretty suspicious to me. Is this some kind of bloody racket to make a quick buck and who are the assholes doing this? Why aren't the names of the owners published? If anyone else abuses a dog or deliberately kills it, they are arrested, charged and their name is published in the local newspapers.

James Rowen said...

@Tess - - Good point. And there is more.

Tess said...

I wonder what would happen if someone requested that information....I would think it should be public information since, we the taxpayers, are paying for this slaughter.