Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Road To Sprawlville eyes Columbus-to-Waupun, WI

In this the 67th installment of the occasional blog series "The Road to Sprawlville - - usually highlighting development-spurring wider or grade-separated highways through farm land, wetlands or people's peace and quiet - - we find Gov. Walker's already over-committed and deeply-politicized Wisconsin Department of Transportation planning to improve' farms and small-town life with a road-builders'/Interstate-style highway approach.
The plan is to convert Highway 151 from an expressway to a freeway between Highway 73 in Columbus and Highway 49 in Waupun...
Two years ago, farmers complained about loss of inherited land, speeding along the highway and ease of access to the potential freeway... 
The reason for the study is to address growth, development, safety, future land use and transportation.
Reminds me of WisDOT's plan to expand State Highway 23 that was killed by a Federal judge. 

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Unknown said...

I hope it never happens, I like the road the way it is, they can keep their freeways where they belong, along with the nuts who drive them. Just FIX them