Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Oops! WI DNR rescinds 2010 diversion perhaps wrongly approved

While not admitting error, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has rescinded a Lake Michigan diversion for the Town of Somers in Kenosha County it approved administratively six years ago.
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This reminds me of warnings from then-Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager that DNR culture had led officials there to behave with far too much independence when Great Lakes diversions were on the table.

I wrote about that and referenced an opinion she issued, but I have not been able to find a live link to her opinion.

But here is an item with documentation that I wrote in 2007 about all thus- - The DNR Wants To Be A Law Unto Itself - - - and I reposted it for context in 2015 when the DNR was getting ready to approve an eventual Lake Michigan diversion to Waukesha, but under a different set of updated rules and laws.

Update - - Note also, as I did in this 2008 item. that a diversion to Menomonee Falls was approved by the DNR purely on its own, while a diversion to Pleasant Prairie was more or less approved by Tommy Thompson without all states voting "aye," as was required by the state of the Great Lakes agreement at the time.

One more thing: Remember when Waukesha kept saying its diversion should be approved because it was a drop in the bucket compared with Chicago's long-standing diversion.

I wonder when Somers will say it's diversion should be permitted because it is nothing compared to Waukesha's?

Are diversion pipes set on slippery slopes?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what the town of Sommers did to warrant this? Did they vote Democratic? Did they boo Secretary Stepp? If they paid their dues to the GOP and supported the Governor this wouldn't be happening to them.