Monday, August 29, 2016

Allegations of veterans' neglect test Walker teflon

Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker has, to date, escaped major political damage over abusive treatment of youthful offenders often sentenced from minority communities in SE Wisconsin and hidden away up north to fave money, but I think there will be greater reverberations from disclosures in a blockbuster story by the Capital Times today that veterans' medical needs at the King Home facility are being ignored by state officials even though the system is flush with federal funds.

Maybe Walker can send long-time friend and veterans' expert Tim Russell to King to straighten it all out.

More on this later.


my5cents said...

Walker makes a habit of neglecting the needs of others. It's not surprising that he would neglect the care of Veterans. Look at how he neglected the Milwaukee Mental Health Complex. He's not in the business of caring for people. He doesn't know that government is people and not products to be discarded if they cost too much or take too many resources. Everyone should know by now that all he cares about is moving money around, taking from the poor to give to the rich, and giving the rich and corporations breaks on paying their fair share. Then forcing the people to cough up more money to make up for what he is taking from them just so that they can have some services for themselves.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the Cap Times story talked with veterans living at King present and past, their families and the employees at King to get their stories about how conditions at King have changed and how they were able to document the neglect. But Walker's head of the Division of Veteran's Affairs says that all those people are lying and the conditions at King are top notch. Surprisingly the head of the Division of Corrections said the same thing. One of these days somebody's going to ambush WALKER WITH THE FACTS AND NOT LET HIM ESCAPE UNTIL HE OWNS UP TO HIS FAILED GOVERNING. THE PEOPLE GOING TO THE POLLS SHOUILD remind him of this by not voting for anyone with an "R" behind their name. The story about King is so sad and so outrageous you would like to take Walker and shake him by the neck!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if that 'somebody' was the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin's largest newspaper.

Anonymous said...

One would think that an agency or Department head when informed of conditions at an institution under his control that are described as neglectful of the people it is directed to serve would express concern and proceed immediately to investigate the allegations. Not the higher -ups in this administration. Rather than concern the response is to declare the allegations of neglect false and "case closed!" One would think that the Governor who is responsible the services provided by the state agencies and who demanded that Act 21 be passed giving him exclusive one person rule making and rule responsibility for all state agencies would proceed to King to listen to the concerns and see for himself the problems and take urgent action to rectify the situation. That's what "caring" people in leadership positions would do! Not our Governor.....HE INSISTS THAT ALL IS WELL IN WISCONSIN....our roads are in great shape, our prison system is without problems, WEDC is sending the state on an economic boom, the drinking water in Kewaunee County is fine and that all the high capacity wells in the central sands region are not drawing down lake and stream levels and neighbor's wells are not going dry. If you continually deny there are any problems and will not meet with the press or the general public to hear of these issues......then by god....there are no problems and all can sleep easy in Wisconsin.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Could have seen this coming a mile away when you saw $12 mil a year was being transferred from the homes to keep the Vets' Fund from being insolvent. This was signed off on in the budget, and by the Walker Admin.

I mean, God forbid Diane Hendricks give a dime in state taxes to help support our vets in their later years. This is beyond disgusting, but not the least bit surprising.

Memo to flag-waving Wisconsin, Colin Kaepernick isn't the unAmerican jackass- it's Scott Walker and WisGOP for willfully shortchanging our vets.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

We may have to bring back the Walker Stalkers. Not just to burst Scotty's Bubble of BS, but also to get the media in line and to make sure they dontñ'y let this garbage slide

Anonymous said...

Jake -- you mean like the "outstanding" job Wisconsin media did covering the Walker BS when the public took action in 2011?

This post appears to have mislead you -- NO POLITICIAN IS TEFLON! but some are propped up by unconscionable propaganda. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel owns everything Walker as they led the rest of the state's rightwing media echo chamber.

In the process, they essentially put MJS out-of-business; but to the owners of the media, it does not matter. Their media assets are worth more as propaganda tools as advertising-supported news.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Which is exactly why you go over the media's heads, and name and shame those who won't do their jobs.

The Wisconsin State Journal has learned that lesson, and been noticeably more critical of Walker as a result the last 2 years. Why not do the same to George Stanley, David Haynes, and the others running the (shit)show at 4th and State?