Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Major WI polluter wins WMC environmental award

You gotta hand it to the multi-tasking but always on-task Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce:

Not content with helping tilt the State Supreme Court its way, and embedding on the public payroll Republican Scott Walker and a friendly majority in the state legislature, the business lobby has turned to dark political comedy with this head-spinner noted by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
A national hardware store chain owned by a billionaire businessman who set consecutive records for the highest penalties ever paid for environmental violations in Wisconsin just won an environmental award from the state’s largest business group. 
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce says Menard, Inc., which is founded and owned by John Menard Jr., was among nine winners of WMC’s Business Friend of the Environment awards.
This next line ought to give you even more pause:
The nine winners were selected from 32 nominees by a panel, which includes representatives from the Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin


old baldy said...

Absolutely amazing, and the height of hypocrisy.

my5cents said...

Wow! That's quite a joke. Pure cronyism. How the heck can Menard be nominated much less picked. He's one of the worst offenders of the environment. Do they really think Wisconsinites are stupid enough to believe that? They all do know that we all know how to read don't they.

Anonymous said...

"Does WMC think Wisconsinites are stupid enough to to believe that?" was he question... Absoluteley they do, and in most cases they are right.