Monday, August 29, 2016

Two more bear hounds thrown by owners to WI wolves

The state-enabled slaughter of bear hounds killed in Wisconsin during state-approved bear hunting training runs through known wolf activity areas continues bloodied and unabated with the reported death by wolves of the 24th and 25th hounds just this year - - and mostly in the last few weeks - - including a Black and Tan hound like the one below.
Black and Tan Coonhound.jpg
No other state allows this cruel, off-leash bear hound 'training,' or pays hounders up to $2,500 per dog lost to this cruel, species'-conflict 'sport,' even to hounders from out-of-state, or to repeat payment collectors, or even to scofflaws, thanks to the bear hunting and other gun lobbies which have the Governor and Legislature in their organizational back pockets.'

Mercifully the 'training season' ends Aug. 31, but the bear hunt begins a few days later, with packs of hounds being run through these wolf rendezvous areas to corner and tree bears, so there will be even more conflict between hounds and wolves, and hounds and bears, with  the likely bear toll by the end of the season at or above 3,000 'harvested,' as the DNR and hunters prefer to call it.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Walker's next cut to the DNR budget will be the $2500 death bounty for dogs. These guys who call themselves sportsmen need to re-examine the meaning of the word. They care nothing for the lives or the well being of these dogs ...they are merely tools of the hunt like the bullets they put in their rifles!

Anonymous said...

Don't you or me get prison time if we mistreat a dog or if the dog looks like he's been mistreated? Perhaps we should file a claim.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Anonymous 6:52. Good suggestion for our scotty governor.

And do reimbursement claimants -- even if they are out-of-state dog owners "training" dogs up north in WI -- get the $2500 upon "bereavement"?

Unknown said...

It is a small business...get a stray dog or shelter dog ( $140 or so ) - throw him or her into known wolf territory and reap the rewards. The youngest killed was 6 months old this year.

The non-hunting public pays little attention to the other species being tortured and killed for fun - and the degradation of Wisconsin so-called "culture" into running packs of dogs on all wildlife any time ( to kill coyotes ) - unregulated, the DNR recruiting another 8,000 trappers ( git em' young ), added to 10,000 pros out there emptying the woods and streams, mutilating and killing 7 months of the year in the most medieval torture devices, and going from a 9-day deer slaughter to 4 and a half months - you get a blood red state of ignorance and cruelty.

You also get a state of disease. Mice and deer are being farmed by these practices - and they are the main hosts of Wisconsin's lyme disease epidemic. Add in CWD in 25% of the two-year old bucks and avian flu, white-nosed bat fungus and prion diseases - and you get a DNR hunting and harvesting sick wildlife and sick people.

Only people organizing and electing FAR better "representation" can change any of this. Meanwhile the goal is to kill almost 5,000 black bears over the next five weeks, 2/3 of them cubs less than 2 years old - often too young to escape the dogs and torn apart to "hunter" great amusement, on the ground. Wounded. Hunters particularly like to shoot bears in the paw so they cannot climb and watch the fun of dogs ripping up animals.

Concerned world citizen said...

Humans are the dominant species on the planet, much to the demise of every other species and the planet itself. This is just a very small view of the big picture and it is not a pretty picture that suggests one very possible future for the living planet!