Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Small "d" democratic win, GOP defeat in Wisconsin

On the Wisconsin right - - from the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce board room to closed GOP legislative caucus meeting rooms to the Scott Walker Governor's Mansion dinner table to Brad Schimel's heavily-partisan, lobbyist-led Attorney General's State Capitol suite - - today, August 23, 2016 shall always be known as The Day Their Music Died.

That's because after two federal courtroom defeats, the Wisconsin Republican establishment through the afore-mentioned Brad Schimel

threw in the towel and ended the Wisconsin taxpayer-paid, government-directed, partisan-inspired opposition to…voting!

Two liberal groups, One Wisconsin Institute and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund, sued over those limits and a host of other election laws last year. This July, U.S. District Judge James Peterson sided with them and struck down the limits on early voting, saying they infringed on the voting rights of minorities.

Schimel tried to block the ruling, but the appeals panel let it stand for now.
So get the ID that is still required, and when early voting begins in your town, vote.

And if early voting in your town is not on the agenda, get on the phone with your elected officials or show up at their offices and get it implemented.

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