Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Another hunting hound - - 26th this year - - thrown by owner to WI Wolves

Another Black and Tan bear hound has been killed by wolves in Wisconsin's Bayfield County up North this year - - most of them in this month alone - -  says the DNR, which could be billed $2,500 by the owner. 

As I have explained many times on this blog, Wisconsin is the only state which allows bear hunters to 'train' their dogs by running them off-leash, regardless if they are being 'trained' in known wolf activity areas where bear bait attract predatory wolves bigger than the dogs.

Wisconsin is also the only state to operate the reimbursement program which hounders can access, even if they are out of staters, are repeat collectors, or are documented scofflaws.

Hounds can also be 'trained' against captive, caged animals, including bears. Read the details.

The 2016 killed hunting dog total is 26, with bear hound training set to end Aug. 31.

Take a look at the maps and the most recent one where these dogs have been killed 

1 dog killed (Black and Tan, male, 6 years)Bayfield depredation siteBayfield depredation location map [PDF]
and note the repetitive kill sites in Bayfield and other counties which some hounders are clearly ignoring.
Black and Tan Coonhound.jpg

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