Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some good news for Walker in the Marquette poll

If you're Scott Walker these days, you take your good news where you can find it.

Like some of the data in the Marquette Law School poll released today which shows the percentage of people who do not approve of the way he is handling his job since the last poll was taken had ticked up only one point - - to 59% from 58% - - while Trump's unfavorable rating had jumped up two points to 65%.

Yeah, I know - - job approval and favorability are not exactly the same thing, and this data cherry-picking is a bit of apples and oranges - - but in my mind the two categories are pretty much a fruit a piece, so to speak.

So Walker's spinmeisters could put it this way:

Trump's unfavorability is rising twice as fast as a similar measure of Walker's appeal, and the same hard-working taxpayers Walker is always claiming to represent and who give Walker a $12,000 monthly salary, plus drivers, pilots and a mansion to live in are still rating Walker less unfavorably than they view the cratering Trump. 

Let Walker cite the poll and the more negatively-viewed Trump as a big, bold wins.

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Jim Bouman said...

He can turn this into a slogan: "I'm the least worst"