Monday, August 22, 2016

Citizen action for clean WI water gaining strength

This blog has been reporting on multiple Wisconsin water issues for years, and I am pleased to note growing action countering Big AG and large animal feeding operations that are contaminating Wisconsin rivers, streams and wells:
*  Citizen activist David Gorski is on the ballot in Central Wisconsin to fight for cleaner water  An update, here.

*  A lawsuit has been filed to obtain records from the incumbent legislator there who has been on all sides of the water issue.

*  Likewise, farmer Lynn Utesch is a leading voice and legislative candidate for stronger water protection in Kewaunee County. 

Because Scott Walker's DNR has intentionally degraded multiple environmental standards and enforcement statewide, and enabled groundwater pollution in Kewaunee County, federal action to improve water quality in Kewaunee County is expected soon, The Journal Sentinel reports.

Props to attorneys and organizers at Midwest Environmental Advocates for focusing attention on these issues and forcing the US EPA to do "imminently" for Wisconsin citizens and public water what Walker, the Attorney General and the DNR will not.

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