Monday, August 1, 2016

13th hound lost to wolves during recent WI bear hunt 'training'

[Updated from 8/1] Ten Eleven bear hunting hounds during training runs have been killed by wolves and three more have been injured in less than a month - - along with three additional dog fatalities after encounters with wolves this spring - - the Wisconsin DNR reports in updated information.
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
The DNR regularly posts and distributes information about the location of wolf pack activity and so-called conflict areas.

Update - - This DNR notice accounts for the 11th death in recent weeks, and note how close the depredation was to another just weeks earlier.

Wolves are territorial and frequent areas for denning, breeding and feeding.

Wisconsin is the only state with sport hunting lobbies strong enough to have won the right for bear hunters with dogs killed by wolves - - even in known wolf activity areas, even 'managed' by scofflaws or hunters with a history of losing dogs to wolves - - to apply for and receive state reimbursements up to $2,500 per depredated dog.

The bear hunting lobby had pushed through a legal wolf season in Wisconsin which also included another in-Wisconsin-only twist - - hunting dogs could chase after wolves, too - - but wolf hunting in Wisconsin and some other states has been barred by a Federal Court since 2014.

Gov. Walker, currying favor with hunting lobbies already in his corner, moved the wolf hunt bill and initial season along quickly, then cut the $100 permit fee in half.

Recent records showed that only 30% of the wolves killed while the hunt was legal were killed by gun hunters, while 70% were finished off with close range shit while snared in leg traps.

Lead Assembly wolf hunt legislative sponsor Joel Kleefisch was so excited about the prospect of dead wolves that he could fantasize about them marinating.

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my5cents said...

Sounds as if people are just taking dogs out on the pretense of wolf hunt training to get them killed and rake in $2,500 per dead dog. That's animal abuse.

Anonymous said...

Bears chased by dogs/wolves snared in leg traps/dogs killed by wolves protecting home turf/WI goes to hell unless the people stop this madness.

Anonymous said...

Its also animal abuse to run bears in 90 degree heat. I hear from dnr wildlife prople that the bears occasionally die from heart attacks, but this is not considered a game law violation because this "sport" is sanctioned.

Its also animal abuse tp drnd these areas where adult wolves are trying to protect the pups, thats why the dogs may get killed. A evil all around, but the bear hunters lobby likes it.