Saturday, August 6, 2016

Anybody spot Scott Walker on #TrumpPunt storm damage duty?

You may remember that Wisconsin Governor and occasional Donald Trump supporter bailed out of Trump's Friday rally in Green Bay, claiming that he needed to do real Governor storm damage leadership work.

I noted the 'scheduling conflict' - - this month's variation on 'drafting error' - - and the gratuitous and grandiose cloth in which his political people wrapped his concern for the flood-ravaged north woods:

Governor Walker’s number one focus is being governor, and he will continue leading the response to the violent storms that swept through northern Wisconsin last month. As part of this commitment, later this week he will survey ongoing recovery efforts and meet with residents and local officials about their needs during this difficult time… Joe Fadness, campaign spokesman.
Media said Walker was to attend a charity fundraiser in Grand View about 20 miles from Ashland - - so that's a nice bit of schedule rescue - -  but did anyone see Walker getting his boots muddy or laying out how he will spend those million in Federal funds headed small-government-Wisconsin's way - -

- - or doing any real Chief Executive work for the people "during this difficult time?" Anywhere? 

His official website's storm damage page hasn't been updated with fresh information since Wednesday, August 3rd.

And did anyone hear him explain away his statements about focusing state highway spending away from Southeastern Wisconsin - - like, say, Up North - - though he had earlier told federal officials in writing he wanted to get started on $850 million in additional Southeastern Wisconsin Interstate expansion which local officials and neighborhood groups have said they do not want? 

Think how far that money would go in storm repairs, pothole filling, bridge upgrades and transit links statewide?

Citizen journalists, report in.

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Anonymous said...

Latest (Aug. 4):

There's still a detour near Grand View, but I'm sure Walker will be wallowing in private fundraiser food and drink regardless of his WisDOT budget ineptness.