Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Walker suspends 'vote-your-conscience' today, stands w/Trump

Twitter highlights say it all:

John Harwood
  Walker will be at Trump event in Wisconsin today


Anonymous said...

Vote your conscience if you have one.

If not- Trump.

Anonymous said...

So...the same day Walker goes to see Trump speak in that African-American stronghold of West Bend (tee hee!), Roger Stone accuses Scooter of throwing 5 elections?Wowee. Not feeling the love, Guv? This is getting more interesting than any WWF match!

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker and the koch brothers know that tRump is going to get crushed in the fall. This is why he is stepping up -- in 2020 he will run again for Pres and it won't be based on being the guy with "a wife, 2 kids, and a Harley" and two great walls along our borders between Canada and Mexico.

No the media will portray him as the "great uniter" -- you know, because "divide-and-conquer" politicians are so unifying and all.