Friday, August 5, 2016

Walker's surprise N. WI visit needs key non-Trump question

[Updated from 8/2] You may have heard the not-completely surprising news that former Ted Cruz supporter/non-Trump endorser/then-Trump-endorser-by-RNC speech Wisconsin Governor and GOP 2016-replacement candidate/2020-2024-2104 hopeful Scott Walker has taken a fresh passive-aggressive non-supporting stance towards his guy and cancelled out of Trump's party-pooped-by-his-own party appearance in Green Bay Friday.

This non-appearance in Green Bay along side the very candidate whom Walker told the nation was President-worthy just a few days ago at the GOP convention appears to also have Walker's signature shroud of phony insincerity:
Governor Walker’s number one focus is being governor, and he will continue leading the response to the violent storms that swept through northern Wisconsin last month. As part of this commitment, later this week he will survey ongoing recovery efforts and meet with residents and local officials about their needs during this difficult time… Joe Fadness, campaign spokesman.
Note that Walker took four days away from his "number one focus" and chose to spend those days at the RNC in Cleveland instead of "leading the response to the violent storms that swept through norther Wisconsin last month…"

But since Walker will be somewhere near the area, and because local and state roads there suffered spectacular damage in the storms, and because he was recently also in nearby Phillips where he told a television station that Northern Wisconsin and not Southeastern Wisconsin was going to be his state highway number one spending focus in the next budget...

Details, here.

...will some enterprising reporter or concerned citizen with a VIP pass to his 'listening session' there but Trump aside for a moment and ask Walker why he had been making those 'no-new-big-highway-projects in SE WI' pledges of late when he had already informed federal highway officials by letter in May that he intended to move ahead on an unpopular $850 million new big expansion of I-94 in SE Wisconsin between the Zoo Interchange, Miller Park and the Marquette Interchange?

Don't follow the pack and ask Walker about Trump. He'll give you more spin than an out of control Ferris Wheel.

Ask him about the highway spending statements he cannot have both ways in an honest answer.

And yes, I known I know…but ask anyway. Try for a moment of accountability and clarity, against all odds.


my5cents said...

Yes. I thought it was hilarious this morning while reading my local paper that absolutely everyone who endorsed Trump is running for the hills the one day he shows up in Wisconsin. They magically all have other things scheduled that they cannot change. Some may be legitimate excuses, but I still thought it was funny. Why is it that they now have a problem with the man they nominated and endorsed when he isn't doing anything different than before they nominated and endorsed him. How did they really think a stone hard narcissist and pathological liar would change after being one for his entire life. I reminds me of what I have always said about Republicans -- They never think things through to the end result. When they had a chance to nominate someone else at their convention, they shut down the people who wanted a change. Last year people said the party would implode. I guess this is what it looks like when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Walker can't go to the Trump rally because he has to survey the storm damage up North that happened weeks ago. Give me a break. Also if it's for his citizens should not he have done it right after the storm.
How stupid do they think people are?

Anonymous said...

I think the point of the skipped Trump party is way more than what you are seeing. The real reason is because it is way too open of a format for Walker to show his despicable face. Notice that he has not announced where he is going to in the North? Walker is a coward. He is afraid that the people he has attacked will not give him a warm reception if he shows up in their town. Have we ever witnessed a Wisconsin governor who had to hide while in office? Yet somehow we voted him back in again.
Here is a suggestion to the clown, show up at a couple of schools up here in September. Why will the coward not visit a rural public school?
On another topic, why did he really drop out of the presidential race? He is way to much of a narcissist to quit because of the polls, money, or for the good of the party. Here are a few suggestions:
1. He is a big baby. When Donald attacked him he did what a big baby would do, he quit.
2. The corruption of what he has done while running this state and Milwaukee County would have been brought to light by the national media. Better to be a big fish in a small pond than a little fish in prison.
3. Something in his past that he has been able to hide would have been exposed, maybe the Marquette story where he encouraged his girlfriend to have an abortion and then chose to dump her. That he was such a pile that the mom did not want him to have anything to do with the child. By the way, notice how the worthless Mil JS immediately declared this story not true yet the Dr never retracted her story?
4. He would have to appear at a public venue. This scares the crap out of him. He has not done this since before he was governor.
5. His puppetmasters figured out how stupid he really is when he said build a wall between us and Canada, so they told him, "you're done".
Actually, I lean towards #3. That is the one thing that would expose him to his worshippers as a phony. He has billed himself as someone God talks to and he is maybe smart enough to know that the people who believe him would figure out that he is not this holey man he has pretended to be.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the daughter too.