Sunday, August 14, 2016

Win for WI GOP pols! Food stripped from poor people's tables

We know that Gov. Walker and his gerrymandered GOP legislative allies have frozen the minimum wage in Wisconsin at a poverty-enforcing, rock-bottom $7.25/hr. and we saw the sickening data showing poverty is at a 30-year high in the state.

And we also know these not-so-compassionate conservatives have intentionally limited the period in which the poor could receive food stamps while treating food aid recipients as presumed drug criminals.

So who is surprised that Walker and Co. are taking a victory lap despite their failure to have created any real job growth in Wisconsin after a dismal 5.5 years in power as we all discover that the food stealers have used state power to force tens of thousands of people in an era of accelerating poverty from the food stamp rolls - - an estimated 53,000 of whom lost this life-saving assistance precisely because of the Walkerites' mean-spirited, dog-whistle-inspired 'policy-making'.
...about 43 percent of that [120,000] decrease is a result of a new state law that requires able-bodied FoodShare recipients without children at home to seek employment.
Mind you that GOP legislators among the food thieves get taxpayer-paid, tax-free meal allowances provided on a no-receipts honor system for between $44-and-$88 per diem, while Walker gets a free mansion with a nice kitchen and Lake Mendota view at taxpayer expense, too.

Everything Walker does with the backing of his legislative enablers is a chess move designed for his personal 2020 national GOP positioning.

Shame on them all.


Anonymous said...

And the current situation in Milwaukee will be touted by Walker and his media lackeys as "proof" that he can take on ISIS. This is a very dangerous situation here in many ways. With the help of his media allies (we all know who they are and what in-state newspaper leads the echo-chamber), the meme will be that we need more austerity, especially in Milwaukee (nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more -- you know what that is a dog-whistle for).

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows, the best way to stimulate the economy and make Wisconsin "Open for Business (tm)" is to shove masses of people into poverty, letting them starve if need be. Under Scott Walker, The Badger State's economy will "is going to take off like a rocket" as more and more people no longer have the discretionary income to buy that cheap plastic junk from Walmart.

And the economic boom along with more-positive attitudes will commence once we starve enough children.

Anonymous said...

The dangerous situation is every-day reality now, and has been for decades.