Tuesday, August 2, 2016

At Koch retreat, Ryan continues attack on 'progressivism'

Talk about playing to the home crowd - - the 400 millionaires and billionaires at the Koch brothers annual retreat who have pledged to contribute $100,000 or more - - while stepping on Wisconsin history:
House Speaker Paul Ryan warned some of his Republican Party’s biggest donors on Monday that some in the GOP are flirting with progressive ideas and kowtowing to frustrated voters on trade. 
Speaking on the final day of a retreat for donors to the network of groups backed by billionaires Charles and David Koch, the Republican leader cast the current debate in Washington a “fight for the soul of our party and for our country.” He made only oblique references to Republican nominee Donald Trump and instead promised these 400 donors, who give at least $100,000 to the Koch groups, that next year would be one packed with reforms—if Republicans can unify... 
“We are flirting with various forms of progressivism, and there are Republican forms of progressivism. Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican,” Ryan said. “We have to thoroughly debunk it, repudiate it.”
A portrait shot of Paul Ryan, looking straight ahead. He has short brown hair, and is wearing a dark navy blazer with a red and blue striped tie over a light blue collared shirt. In the background is the American flag.

This is not the first time that Ryan has made "progressive" into a pejorative:  
Ryan blasts ‘arrogant and condescending’ progressive ideas
He also acknowledged the appeal of the liberal message and the success Democrats have had in peddling their vision to voters. 
“This vision proved compelling,” Ryan said. “It drew thousands of people into government … they seized the moral high ground. They said they were the heirs of the Founders, when in reality, they were the replacements. They said they were for the people. And their opponents? They were for the rich. They were selfish.” 
“Yet the Left keeps winning elections,” Ryan continued. “Why? Well, you can see the appeal. In uncertain times, people look for security. Progressives seem to have an answer … the progressive state offers a sense of security. But it’s a false sense of security because government can’t keep all its promises.”
Final thought: You could say that in Wisconsin, where the Progressive movement was founded and where Scott Walker & Co. are dismantling it, Paul Ryan is Scott Walker's brain. 

Both were invited to attend the Koch retreat.

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my5cents said...

What a bunch of malarkey. If progressives are so much for the rich, why is it that conservatives are the only ones giving the rich huge tax breaks, handouts, and loopholes so that they pay less. Why do they have to repudiate and debunk progressive ideas? Is it because those ideas might actually help people and grow the economy? Playing to the home crowd is right. Finally, someone needs to be Scott Walker's brain. It's the only way he accomplishes what he does, good or bad. There's no way he could think stuff up all on his own.