Monday, May 9, 2016

Trump rolling over last of three WI GOP young guns

I see that House Speaker and GOP party convention chairman-to-be-Paul Ryan is folding in the face of Dona'd Trump's takeover of the not-so Grand Old Party by offering to turn that chairmanship - - and all its power and prestige to Trump - - a bullying outsider whom many conservatives call a fake: 
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Monday that if Donald Trump wants him to step down as a co-chairman of the GOP convention, he will respect his wishes. 
 "He's the nominee. I'll do whatever he wants with respect to the convention," Ryan said when asked about that scenario in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Trump already flattened WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker in the primaries, and has reduced GOP national committee chairman Reince Priebus, another of the GOP's supposedly invincible WI-based leadership team, to a punchline irrelevancy.

Remember when The Atlantic anointed Ryan, Walker and Preibus as the trio to watch? 

Ryan, Walker and Priebus are three of the GOP's brightest national stars, and Wisconsin -- the state that helped birth the Progressive Movement and shape the New Deal -- is suddenly the leading exporter of a hard-charging, sharply ideological brand of conservatism. The Republican trio sometimes dubbed the "Cheesehead Mafia" have made their state "the capital of the Obama-era Republican resistance," as one writer put it. And they are reshaping the Republican Party.
As the trio lets Trump kick sand in their face, Priebus' boast is self-parody now:
Priebus...said their success is proof that voters want politicians who stick to their guns, know what they believe and are willing to fight for it. "My general view is you have to be on offense all the time," he said.
Or as this piece had gushed: 
Wisconsin is the home of bold GOP thinking and Republican superstars...
"Reince [Priebus] talks about candidates who are true to their word and campaign on issues and govern as they campaigned," says RNC political director Rick Wiley, quoting his party chairman—who also happens to be from Wisconsin. "Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are poster children for that."


Peter Felknor said...

I don't know why Walker inspires so many people to cringe in terror, but The Donald gave me a belly laff when he referred to Terror Guv as a "little boy."

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Rep Sean Duffy and his Koch employed wife. He considers himself a GOP young gun and jump very quickly into Macro Rubio's camp.