Thursday, May 5, 2016

Don't let Trump distract from Walker's routine ugliness

It's important to resist Donald Trump's behavior and the huge risks posed by his capture of the GOP presidential nomination and party, but let's not lose sight of the harsh daily realities playing out in Wisconsin where Scott Walker and his legislative allies are continuing a systematic attack on fair play and progressive policies.

Walker's latest combination of base pandering and misuse of power: - - approving rules he first communicated with an ugly dog whistle during his 2014 re-election campaign to require a drug test of Wisconsin recipients of unemployment compensation. 

Walker is moving ahead with a drug-testing plan dressed up as compassion for the drug-addicted unemployed - - actually a degrading scheme to further cut benefits and humiliate the poor into moving away - - though similar plans have been ruled unconstitutional - - twice - - and have wasted substantial public funds.

The New York Times recently let a Walker rep claim our Governor had a "visceral negative" reaction to Trump's character.

Talk about letting Walker off the hook.

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Anonymous said...

Walker has now repeatedly claimed for several years: " We frequently hear from employers that they have good paying jobs but need their workers to be drug free." Give me a break...........he keeps saying that there are good paying jobs going unfilled. Walker had better tell the Dept. of Workforce Development about all these good paying jobs as they've only been able to match people with low wage, low opportunity types of employment. The workers at Badger Meter, Caterpillar and Oscar Mayer didn't lose their jobs because of drug use....their jobs left them because of Walker's failed economy and failed job creation record. He continues to claim that drug testing will end safety net dependence and lead people to independence. The only thing that will end government dependence is living wage jobs which Walker promised but never delivered. Drug testing is just his smoke screen to cover his failed conservative governing experiment. If all of these good paying jobs are going unfilled because applicants are drug users then Wisconsin must have become the most drug infested state under Walker's watch than any state in the country. If this were so I'm sure Walker would have been announcing major drug treatment initiatives of which we've heard nothing. The time has come for Walker to announce to all of Wisconsin where and in which companies all of these good paying jobs are at so that any one wanting a good paying job can quickly get drug tested and begin working at jobs that pay enough to actually make ends meet in Walker's Wisconsin!