Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More jobs losses in WI defining Walker's 'right direction'

Add Joy Global to losses at Oscar Mayer and Caterpillar.

Is there a new statue coming of Miss Forward with her fingers crossed behind her back?

Will there be any blowback on Scott-No-250,000-new-jobs-Walker?

Remember that broken promise? Plenty of us do, as does PolitiFact:

Gov. Scott Walker fell short when it came to his top 2010 campaign promise -- that the state would add 250,000 private-sector jobs in his first term... 
State employers added an estimated 53,400 jobs in 2014, pushing the total for his four-year term to 146,795. That's about 59 percent of the total Walker promised as a candidate...
We declared the jobs Promise Broken in September 2014, when it became clear that it would be mathematically impossible to achieve the promise. 
Though Walker had repeatedly pledged it across the state, and even in Illinois:
SPRINGFIELD, IL (WTAQ) - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told an Illinois business conference today that quote, “like a rocket, you’ll see businesses hiring” after the June fifth recall election...


Bill Sell said...

James, the loss of Caterpillar (here, Bucyrus Erie until C. bought it) was in the mis-treatment of a plea by Tim Sullivan in 2009 (the day Pizza Man burned down) to extend transit to South Milwaukee robust enough to carry some 700 jobs he could create but for lack of transportation. We held a press conference to join the plea; several media showed with cameras. Governor Doyle was there. Roundys and Kohls were there. Plenty of press and a people-jammed mining equipment museum. This plea from, yes, job creators, as we know went unheeded by both parties. Gov. Doyle had already wrecked the first step by vetoing the dedicated funding for transit.

Bucyrus Erie as we know was bought up by Caterpillar. Weakened, it was hardly the go to place when C. decided to consolidate.

I guess some politicos thought they would be elected forever if they took no chances. And now we are paying for their timidity.

Bill Sell said...

Correction January 2010, not 2009.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I received an email today from Senator Chris Kapenga that states, "Wisconsin's Business Climate Continues To Improve." and "Wisconsin ranked 11th best state for business."
Then there's the photo-ops with his arm around Scott Walker and more with all the kids in school. I hope they remember him when they grow up.