Monday, May 30, 2016

The Road to Sprawlville could pass through Verona, WI

Looks like Verona, WI - - a Madison suburb with about 12,000 residents and a website touting its "small-town feel of Hometown USA" - - might convert farmland to multiple-purpose development, but the story about it all isn't focused on potential local tax increases, water and sewer demand, transit, school expansion, road-building, etc:
Hay was still being cut last week on part of the 253 acres of farmland David Reinke owns on this city’s southeast side. 
But someday those fields could yield a colossal retail, office, housing and entertainment development valued at more than $500 million.
So I'm making these issues the 66th installment in an occasional blog series, "The Road to Sprawlville."

And maybe it's just a coincidence, but here's a link to Chapter 65, just a few months ago: 

WI Legislature just designated Dane the official Sprawl County

In this the 65th installment of the blog series The Road to Sprawlville, we note that the GOP-run/special-interest serving State Legislature has just loosened planning procedures, greatly empowering developers in the Dane County they love to hate. 
With negative consequences for farmland, groundwater, traffic and more.
By state law, mind you, and not the people of the county. 
There are 72 counties in Wisconsin, but the pro-developer law applies only to Dane.

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kjbe said...

That whole corridor between PD and Verona, along 18/151, is going to get ugly. Count on it.