Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Walker blows off state debt payment

Try this monetary 'policy'

 with your mortgage holder - - but tell the banker you're moving in the right direction - - and see how far Walkernomics gets you:
Walker administration delays $101 million debt payment


Anonymous said...

Of course Walker delayed payments -- has to pay for a trip to Mexico before they build that wall and he is taking his family, entourage, hanger-ons, and security detail -- all at taxpayer expense.

There is going to be a massive shortfall in revenues when the next numbers come out (Walker has them now) which is why he wrote a bogus op-ed about the state's economy for his BFF and propaganda tool Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Then, he's going to get out of town so he can appear, you know, presidential -- after all, God may tell him to ride his motorcycle across America today swilling swill beer and stuffing food in his pie-hole like the 2-fisted slobbery photo-ops from Pennsylvania earlier this year.

I don't know who Scott Walker's accepts has his lord and savior, can't be the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth that speaks of the duties Christians have for their fellow-man. The god that told Scott Walker to run for president is obviously not very good with money and must have a very warped sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

The Walker fiscal record:
2011......deferred debt payment $297.1 million
2012...... deferred debt payment$368.2 million
2013-15....deferred debt payment$108 million
2016....... deferred debt payment $101 million

That totals $874.3 million in debt that he had budgeted for as he knew the debt was coming due in each budget cycle yet by the time it came to pay the debt he didn't have any money left. What kind of fiscal genius is this guy. What he is doing is the equivalent of making mortgage payments by using a credit card. This doesn't move Wisconsin forward. It means the next generation starts out even further behind than when Walker took office! Three things must be occurring. One: He doesn't have a clue how to manage the fiscal demands of the state budget. Two: Expenses are exceeding what Walker budgeted. Three: Revenues are coming in far lower than Walker claimed would occur.

The Manufactures and Ag Tax Credit has cost Wisconsin $451 million in lost revenue to date. Within this present budget cycle[ 2015-17 ] Wisconsin will lose revenue approaching $500 million. It would appear that Walker is using borrowing [ not paying debt by pushing it to the future ] to cover the cost of his tax breaks for his corporate and special interest donors. Wisconsin taxpayers [ present and future ] are footing the bill so that Walker and his Republican legislators can fill their campaign coffers with the taxpayers own money. This must be the greatest financial fraud ever seen by a government official in Wisconsin's long history!