Monday, May 9, 2016

WI GOP legislators want more wolf killing

How you can tell it's election season in WI:
Two Republican lawmakers from northern Wisconsin said Monday they would convene a Great Lakes wolf summit this fall involving public officials, scientists and citizens from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan to push for state management of wolves... 
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
And, with that Wisconsin twist - - being 'hunted' with dogs.

A 'sport' justified, in the legislators release, with the obfuscatory language "state-led management" of wolves - - a departure from the wolf-killing lobby's normal language of 'harvest' for 'killing' or 'ensnaring with leg traps before being shot in the head at closer range.'

And who thinks this summit will be any more honestly inclusive than the Wisconsin DNR's wolf advisory committee rigged to approve the very 'hunt' now forbidden by a federal judge:

DNR Secretary Confirms That Wolf Hunt Opponents Were Removed From Advisory Committee


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that a cow gets killed and "taconite" Tommy Tiffany has a hissy fit and demands that wolves once again be put up for slaughter. Yet he never said "diddly" when hunters using dogs saw their dogs killed as they were used to track down wolves for the kill and taxpayers had to reimburse the hunters for their loss! Hopefully voters will turn Tiffany out of office as he has done nothing for those living in the north woods.

Joe R said...

GOP legislators very skillful at shameless pandering to the red-meat, shoot-anything-that-moves crowd. Meanwhile, they do nothing as CWD marches on through the deer herd.

Anonymous said...

Please do some research before posting. There were not any reports of dogs being killed by wolves during the wolf season where dogs were allowed. Also taxpayers DO NOT reimburse hunters for their losses. The money comes from the sale of wolf licenses, when there was a wolf season, otherwise the money came from the sale of endangered license plates. The money DID NOT come from any tax funds. Furthermore, if any dogs would have been killed,or injured while hunting wolves, the owner was not eligible for reimbursement. When wolves have killed, or injured dogs on walks, protecting livestock, hunting game other than wolves, or dogs that have been killed by wolves in the owners yard, than the owner is eligible for depredation payments. Oh, and by the way, the owner has to pay taxes on the amount received.

James Rowen said...

For the record - - plenty of reimbursements to bear hunters who ran their dogs in known wolf activity areas.