Tuesday, May 31, 2016

MAL Contends...blog on Wisconsin CAFO's a must-read

Wisconsin under Walker has degraded into corporate subsidiary status, so make sure you read this blog on that very subject and circulate its crucial information and images. I put the offering from the Mal Contends…blog on Facebook over the weekend and it's getting a lot of deserved attention:

Family Farms, Yes; Corporate Agriculture, No

Industrialized agriculture is spreading in Wisconsin and across the nation.

It's toxic, cruel, predatory and without conscience.

This corporate model is also the first step towards foreign ownership of large swaths of American land on which foreign-owned 


Jake formerly of the LP said...

I'll secobd this. It's great journalism. Read that article

Anonymous said...

Gee, where's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's report. Oh yeah, hard -hitting stories on Walker are not allowed. If only there was a "watch-dog" journalist t a major Wisconsin newspaper.

Kudos to Mal, but that's not the point. Scott Walker is a media creation and this has nothing to do with editorial positions.

The problem is what's published as faux news