Sunday, May 1, 2016

Walker on Trump; yea and nay

The New York Times finds that potential Donald Trump running mates are not interested in the #2 spot on a ticket with him and a Scott Walker adviser puts Walker in the 'No' camp saying that Walker has a "visceral negative reaction" to The Donald.

Visceral enough on Walker's behalf for a fourth paragraph mention on page one in the Sunday Times!

But less than two weeks ago, Ted Cruz backer-Walker said he could support Trump for President.

So The Donald is good enough for you, America - - and the planet - - but too upsetting for The Walker.

Now that's principled.

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Anonymous said...

Not surprising. Scott Walker is a Koch guy and entirely dependent on their money to be politically viable. Trump and Kochs are not friends. Walker is a compromised and corrupt grifter -- exactly what Koch needs to bribe and destroy real democracy.

Mr. Divide-And-Conquer knows which side his bread is buttered on and it isn't on the Wisconsin side. His job is to take down our government and economy so that Koch interests can exploit. Trump may be a sexist, racist, and a fraud, but Walker is even more so.