Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Evictions - - nightmare book, and Milwaukee County DA candidate backstory

I'm reading the bestseller 'Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City' - -  a brutally honest hard read about poor Milwaukeeans trapped in a morass of poverty, unemployment and crushing eviction after eviction.

And now we learn that a candidate for Milwaukee County District Attorney was knee-deep in that mess. 
Verona Swanigan, a Milwaukee lawyer running for district attorney, filed eviction lawsuits against nearly 300 people on behalf of a landlord who owes about $70,000 in Municipal Court fines and has a history of offering substandard housing, court records show.


Anonymous said...

The African American attorney that prosecuted the cases for a known "slum lord", said she didn't realize his long record of citations and fines as a city land lord. It took her 296 cases over a couple of years to know that. Now, would we really want this person as our DA! Especially, working in the city with our poor residents.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like just what Milwaukee County needs -- must be a big Scott Walker supporter too (even if she publicly may have said otherwise, I do not know).

Man MKE said...

Swanigan clearly is the Perfect Storm candidate this year.

Anonymous said...

Swanigan and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke should done their biggest pretend-cowboy hats and ride off together into the sunset with guns blazin'. They deserve each other.