Friday, May 13, 2016

WI deer disease spreads, as does Walker distraction strategy

You can bet Scott Walker will attack the UW and any other target of opportunity for headlines that distract attention from his administration's failure to stem the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) through the Wisconsin deer herd - - and Walker's rural base counties:
Gov. Scott Walker on Friday announced six steps to heighten efforts in Wisconsin to curtail the spread of chronic wasting disease 
According to DNR records, 9.4% of deer tested in Wisconsin in 2015 were CWD-positive, the highest rate since the disease was discovered in the state in 2002. The agency also tested the fewest animals in 2015 since 2002. Forty-one of the state's 72 counties are now considered CWD-affected by the DNR.


Anonymous said...

This guy spreads history making things wherever he goes:
Kewanee County most polluted wells in history
Highest poverty rate in history
Fastest shrinking middle class in the nation
Among the largest cuts to public education in the country

He certainly is creating a legacy his boys will be proud od!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to decide if Walker is an evil, immoral, scumbag who is actually intelligent enough to have a plan, or if he is an evil, immoral, scumbag who has absolutely no intelligent thoughts. Regardless of whether the plan comes from him or someone tugging his strings, the intent is to get rid of the DNR. This is just another method of showing the public how the DNR intellectuals are incompetent and can not be trusted to do the right thing. I can see the jackasses already, "we told you these egg-headed scientists had no idea what they are doing. Look, the deer herd is now gone and the venison you sportsmen once used for your family meals is now not edible." The ridiculous thing is, most of the "sportsman have already fallen for the bait.
Here are a few random thoughts that our sportsmen need to contemplate:
1. If you supported Walker or any of the current state GOP, you are not a sportsman at all. You are way worse than any antihunter which you have been so afraid of.
2. If you had a "Sportsman for Walker" sign up anywhere, you are a moron.
3. It was one thing for a so-called sportsman to vote for Walker the first time, but if you did after that , there is no claiming that you didn't know.
4. To not know about the scoundrel you are voting for is far more dangerous than your fear of an illegal casting a ballot.

So here is my advice to all of you "Sportsman for Walker" folks: Sell your guns and fishing poles, campers, tents, hiking boots, boats, hunting dogs, etc. It does not pay for you to have all that stuff because the sign on your lawn shows that you are against fishable waters, a healthy deer herd, and everything else needed to do the things you claim you like to do in Wisconsin. You are close to what you wanted, no need to deny who you really are anymore. The sign for the next election on your lawn should read "Outdoor sports haters for Walker"

Anonymous said...

I'm confused: what are you saying, Anonymous 8:42 AM, about the need to steward and protect our natural resources? Will it be up to us now? Are all us badgers gonna put our bodies in the fight against: the taking of water, polluting of groundwater, taking of forest trees, taking of land (especially shoreline), torturing of animals (held in CAFO's, or trapped and ripped apart by "hunters'" dog-packs), taking of wildlife habitat (...oh, where have all the healthy white-tails, salmon, perch, muskie, walleye, TROUT!!!?gone)? Oh, well...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:29.
By the way you wrote tour comment, yes you are confused.
It is pretty easy to tell what I wrote. The fools who have fallen for thinking the Walker agenda was about helping Wis outdoorsmen and women had better pull their heads out of their butts and stand up for what they should believe in because we are quickly becoming a cesspool.
It seems as though you think its nothing but a joke???????

Anonymous said...

I need to correct myself,"your comment", not "tour comment". Bad eyes or something.

Yes Walker is leaving a legacy.

Anonymous said...

No joke on my part, Anonymous 5:25 PM.

And that angryvoice of (y)ours is obviously no joke.
But (y)our rage has to be channeled IMHO.

I know a movement of activists with anger like (y)ours can become a mighty stream moving everything toward justice for all (including all living things; including wolves and that "plentiful natural resource" (i.e., fresh water, groundwater, wetlands, drinking water -- without which we cannot live).

Becoming movements of people who can create actions that will move everything in y(our) path, (like drops of water combining to form a mighty river)is required to ward off the Snottywalker's "legacy". The reason for actions to be based on nonviolent resistance is that we could grab pitchforks and rush forward like individual tsunami's or...we could be part of bigger movements that return the force of invigorating energy back to the Wisconsin.

Effective, nonviolent actions of resistance make us strong and deliver y(our) message clearly, so that is so self-evident that no banners or blogcomment explanations are asked or answered like (y)ours.

I agree, all the people need to "get it" -- and we're serious.
And we actually do not have a lot of time here in this formerly beautiful Great Lakes state.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsinites have a right to know the true facts.
Watch: (12 minute video).