Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Walker's Cruz, #NeverTrump badly thumped

Down goes the singularly unattractive Ted Cruz - - Wisconsin's righty talk radio's #NeverTrump alternative, despite the best op-ed efforts of Scott Walker - - 

he without long coattails:
…join me and vote for Ted Cruz.


Anonymous said...

So let's get this straight -- Scott Walker, with an DISAPPROVAL rating of almost 60% at the time, rallied the teabaggers around Rafael (he's not really named "Ted") Cruz and proprietary, secret, non-transparent, and entirely unverifiable computer counts say he beat Trump, making the #NeverTrump movement a national phenomena.

And then, over the next few weeks, Trump goes on to CRUSH Cruz in every other primary contest in the ...

Folks, it didn't happen!

Wisconsin is on a very disturbing path. We're controlled by out-of-state multinational corporate interests that act through the republican party. They heavily finance GOP candidates in all elections. But even then, they cannot legitimately win in free, fair, transparent, open, and verifiable elections.

Google it -- Wisconsin's election results are mathematically impossible and we will be stuck with total GOP control, suffering from the Koch's corpocracy until we demand verifiable elections.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sykes and Walker aren't as influential as they think they are and also not so important......not important at all!