Monday, May 2, 2016

More reporting on Wisconsin's contaminated drinking water

Ron Seely at the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism unearths and organizes more information about Wisconsin's drinking water crisis and cuts to various safe drinking water programs and laws since Scott Walker was elected Governor and special-interest-water-carrier-in-chief in 2011.
It's a good idea to have well water tested once a year. © DNR Photo
DNR well-testing photo
My take on this has been that there will be no real progress on clean water as a priority in Wisconsin until the US EPA comes into the state, shines a bright light on waterborne health hazards and public enforcement failures and takes program and implementation control from Walker on behalf of state citizens and people in other states downstream.


Anonymous said...

If we had any honest mainstream media & reporters, there would not be feces and urine in our drinking water, because absolutely no one would vote to drink manure lagoon run-off. I'll give Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism some credit for this report, but they actually won't cover critical news either.

Sure, they grab some attention with stories like this from time to time, but then disappear, completely ignored by the rest of Wisconsin's media, when other critical stories (especially election integrity) break. And even this report does not directly state the truth: The republican party and their radical extreme agenda of environmental and economic terrorism is so disgusting, they literally are now running on making you drink sh!t!

Anonymous said...

More than honesty in main stream reporting, I am appalled at the lack of nerve to stand up to the combination of bullying and cronyism exhibited by an elitist political class. Wisconsin is led by a narrow political party bound by the pursuit and protection of power...The common good be damned. Fearing their precious jobs, few within our institutions will buck the current power elite. With no collective voice for educators, scientists, researchers...only those willing to blackballed will dare to speak up. The opposition, loyal or otherwise has been effectively silenced. This goes for both the public sector professionals and the media who we once relied upon to reveal the true state of the state. Heaven help you if you are on record for speaking the truth, citing the facts or even signing a recall petition. "Let them eat cake,"...Inspired a revolution? "Let them eat shit"... Not so much.