Monday, May 23, 2016

Why Walker's WI job losses are Trumpian

Because they're YUGE:
The state lost 11,500 private-sector jobs in April, 0.5 percent of the workforce, according to preliminary, seasonally adjusted estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
If the figures stand up to revisions, it will be the state's biggest monthly jobs drop since July 2009, during the Great Recession.


Anonymous said...

It's working. We'll soon be impoverished slaves.

Anonymous said...

This must be the "come back" that Walker keeps touting!

Man MKE said...

Those stats are saying that while most other states have pulled out of the Great Recession, Wisconsin is still wallowing in it. Gee, I wonder if it could be Obama's fault? Again? Wait for it, because Scotty can't hide forever. The bad economic news in a purely red-run (red rum?) state should give the Feingold, congressional and state Democratic campaigns a lift on their way to November, vote suppression and gerrymandering notwithstanding. Also not withstanding state mainstream media indifference.