Friday, May 20, 2016

More Madison job losses = Walker Mission Accomplished

[Updated] Faculty leaving the UW-Madison.

And now a big layoff at the former Anchor Bank, charmingly and ironically now called Old National, because since Walker's January, 2011 swearing-in, what's an older story in and around the State Capitol than that Walker-250,000 new jobs promise that is still about 40% unfulfilled.

In WalkerWorld, any move, relocation and departure from the capital city, whether from the meat cutters union at Oscar Mayer, or banking positions or any state agency, UW program or classroom is considered a win by Walker and the GOP that will pay off in every voter-photo-ID-rigged election on the horizon.

Ditto for Team Walker's hostility to heavily-Democratic Milwaukee, too, where Walker's resistance to raising the minimum wage, or enforcement of cuts to food stamps, or disinterest in transit, or new deep cuts to UW-Milwaukee programs and staff are all designed to encourage out-migration and discourage newcomers from putting down roots.

Look: Walker and his city-corroding, union-busting, Madison-bashing, tenure-hating Legislative and special-interest friends would close down the flagship campus, disperse its liberal faculty - - after flat-out lying about them - - keep the student body debt-ridden through state inaction and drive every Democratic-leaning-or-voting resident far away if they could.

I've written about Walker's political strategy to displace certain people and groups from Wisconsin:

Again, "good riddance" is in the air, and in state policy, too, like a new official motto or state slogan.  It used to be "We like it here." Now it's more along the lines of, "We'd like some of you, a lot of you, to leave."
His goal is to flip the state from purple to red, and he's proving me right everyday: 

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