Monday, May 2, 2016

In Wisconsin, smokestacks and smokescreens

While the Wisconsin DNR today is offering clean air PR and a poetry contest for elementary school kids:
The department celebrates Clean Air Month and a decade of Air Quality Awareness Week
The real powers-that-be which are driven by power and ideological corporate influence are already taking the state in the opposite direction:
The president's climate change initiative known as the Clean Power Plan aims to cut CO2 emissions from existing power plants by about a third over the next 15 years. The plan formally took effect Friday morning, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker quickly followed through on his threat to sue to try to stop the rule.
With a recent win for Walker and the state attorney general, with the obvious effects: 
Only WI is without smokestack emission compliance plan 
Smoke stacks from a factory. 

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Anonymous said...

With Wisconsin's right wing media echo chamber, lead by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, blowing so much smoke up our collective posteriors, there cannot be any meaningful smokestack and smokescreen plan. After all, if the media actually told objectively verifiable facts instead of endless Walker talking points and out-right propaganda, there would be no divide-and-conquer Governor nor total GOP control of everything Wisconsin.

There will be no environmentally responsible or even minimally sane policies and initiatives as long as our airwaves, cable channels, and print media are polluted with disinformation, lies, and propaganda.