Monday, May 9, 2016

Waukesha downplayed radium's importance in diversion application

Interesting items about Waukesha's diversion application:
Held just weeks ago, a town hall meeting hosted by a city alderman, the Waukesha Water Utility Manager makes a not so stunning announcement, the need for Great Lakes water is not about radium and a contaminated water supply - - 1:29 –
One clip about that at roughly the 1:30 mark.

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Sandy Hamm said...

James, I am not sure what happened to my 11:00 a.m. posting in Reply to Wisco Waterwatch, but by golly they were there this morning and later I could not find them, so I reposted them for you there at the YouTube video and now here. The last video on the subject for now is ready to post and going through final editing this evening. Regards, Sandy Hamm.

Dear Wisco Waterwatch, We would love to know your identity and praise you for your attention to this matter. In the meantime here are a few links to snippet videos from the full video the Freeman posted from the "town hall" meeting March 10 (

I post to YouTube and Facebook as Sandy Hamm as WatchingWaukesha. Duchniak starts in around one hour and thirty minutes into the 141 minute meeting. First, at right around 1:30:18, ( we have Duchniak for 15 seconds declaring that:

The following is a full, word for word quote from Duchniak --- "Ya know, we all know about the Radium. And if this was just about Radium we wouldn't be here. We can treat and remove Radium. There is no surprise to that. Everyone knows that. We can remove Radium."

And that video statement by Duchniak is followed by a 25 second slide with commentary from me just to give the reader time to fully absorb what was just said. (BTW, I think the EPA thinks IT IS about Radium.)

And he (Duchniak) says if someone tells you shallow wells are the answer, he (Duchniak) says, "I can tell you the water quality in the shallow wells 'sucks'." Yes, he said "sucks." "Sucks" must be a technical term that water professional engineers use. The video is only 9 seconds. Give it a watch at

Of course, on Mike Gousha show UpFront May 1, Waukesha Mayor Reilly must think differently about shallow well water, or at least be willing to deliver water that sucks to his city residents, as he said May 1 that pumping dry the water from the shallow wells in the town of Waukesha wouldn't keep the city in water for long, but that it was the city's plan if their application for a diversion was denied.

This is all available at, and with one more even more powerful pieces planeed to be released later tonight or Tuesday. The middle of the 141 minute video the Freeman posted is a treasure trove of statements from Duchniak.

Then there is the totally absurd statement by Duchniak during that same "town hall" meeting that the city's 10% water conservation goal is "aggressive." (California's water conservation goal is 25%, and they are hovering around a 24.7% success rate). I think maybe Duchniak just makes up numbers and then states his opinions about them as if they were fact -

During his 45 minutes presentation Duchniak was able to dispel any and every reason to approve a Great Lakes water diversion to the City of Waukesha.

And it so disappointing that the Freeman can and does allow the city's Water Utility General Manager to say, among other things, that "This isn't about Radium" and not challenge it in their paper or online.

They sponsor Alderman Aaron Perry's event to some extent. They send a reporter. They record the video in its entirety. Then post it to YouTube, and then never make mention in their paper or online that the main speaker, the city's water utility general manager, dispelled Radium as a problem or the fact that he declared, and I quote, "Once you get down there. There is a ton of water there." Duchniak in 45 minutes dispelled every reason the city should get a Great Lakes water diversion. Was anyone awake enough to pay attention?