Monday, May 23, 2016

Lead WI DNR staffer on Waukesha diversion has resigned

Eric Ebersberger, Deputy Division Administrator of the Environmental Management Division of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, confirmed to me by email this afternoon that he had submitted his resignation from the agency:
My last day as Deputy Division Administrator will be 5/27; but I’ll continue with the Waukesha project through June.
I'd begun hearing about this earlier today, had posted this item but wanted confirmation before I used Ebersberger's name:
Inquiries to WI DNR about another senior staff resignation
He'd given his notice last Friday.

Ebersberger is a widely-respected career state employee and popular staffer within DNR; some of his biographical information appeared in a posting on this blog a year ago when he was last promoted. 


Anonymous said...

Ebersberger is leaving and so is Jill Jonas, Bureau Director for the Drinking Water program. She supervises those working on Waukesha. We know they are also re-organizing but nothing about how it will be done. Will they appoint a political lacky to oversee Waukesha?

boxer said...

Jill Jonas, too. Wow.